Great results from Austrian study

In the December issue of the Flechvieh Austria magazine there was an article presenting the results of a Master thesis done by Genostar in Austria

The study that the thesis is based upon, refers to inseminations from 2015 to 2019.

The use of the SpermVital semen in the study show on average a 6% higher NRR on heifers and 4,4% higher on cows. The result was even greater on repeat breeders, with a difference of up to 8,5% on animals with more than three inseminations.

The results from Genostar supports the study done by Masterrind in 2019, which showed an advantage of 8,3% in NRR for SpermVital when inseminated early. Currently, SpermVital has market- leading breeding companies in Europe as customers and our latest collaboration is with Vikinggenetics. The overall market share is steadily increasing.

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