Great results with SpermVital in Turkey

The results fom the Field Trial in Turkey shows a 12 % higher pregnancy rate for SpermVital compared to regular semen.

 The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of SV technology on conception rates in repeat breeder multiparous dairy.
Seventy-nine Holstein cows from a private dairy farm were included in the study, and these animals were cows that had failed to conceive from at least 3 regularly spaced services (repeat breeders)
The cows were synchronized by 2 injections of a PGF2α, (500 μg D-Cloprostenol, Estrumate®),administered 11 days apart from each other. GnRH (10μg Buserelin, Receptal®) was applied 48 h after the second injection of PGF2α. After this administration, the animals were randomly divided into 2 groups, control and SV. The animals in the control group (n = 28) were inseminated twice with standard semen 72–96 h after the second injection of PGF2α. The cows in the SV group (n = 51) were inseminated only once, at 72 h.

A pregnancy rate of 47.1% was determined in the SpermVital group and 35.3% in the control group. The difference between pregnancy rates in the two groups was statistically significant (P < 0.05).