The first field data is available, one year after the launch of SpermVital in Iceland.
The first field data is available, one year after the launch of SpermVital in Iceland.
The Icelandic are very happy with the results so far. They wish they had sold even more doses than what they have sold so far, but the results are good. For Heifers, where SpermVital has been used quite a lot, they are seeing a non-return rate of 80%. For Cows they are seeing a non-return rate between 56-74%, which they describe as very good! Their conclusion in regards to the use of SpermVital is that it i...
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The Walloon Breeding Association (AWE) is the largest AI company in Belgium. They launched SpermVital on their Belgian Blue genetics in March 2018.
After 6 months in the market, the SpermVital semen is showing an increased non-return rate by 4%. The SpermVital semen is compared to ordinary sperm doses from the same bulls in the same period. The management of the company is very pleased with the result, although they emphasize that it is after all a limited number of inseminations. AWE will...
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PHD Fride
Fride Berg Standerholen, scientist in SpermVital has defended her PhD in reproductive biology
The main goal of the PhD thesis was to gain more knowledge of flow cytometric assessment of semen and procedures for sperm quality assessment. Sperm functionality was assessed in relation to bull semen preservation methods and fertility. One of the main findings was that there were differences in selected sperm function parameters between standard Biladyl (B) and immobilized SpermVital (SV) processed...
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High customer satisfaction when using SpermVital in Norway
Geno recently conducted a customer survey among Norwegian farmers to determine the use of SpermVital in the Norwegian market.
The survey shows that 90 percent of all milk producers have used SpermVital in 2018 and 84% of those who have used SpermVital are satisfied or very satisfied with the technology. The survey shows that the Norwegian farmers mostly use SpermVital under the following circumstances: 1. Early Insemination (increase flexibility) 2. Replace double insemination 3. Problem cows ...
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The German breeding company BVN will offer SpermVital semen from their bulls from 2018
BVN is the largest breeding company on Flechvieh in Germany. BVN will start to offer SpermVital from a small number of proven bulls and expand the range of bulls gradually. SpermVital is proud that BVN has chosen to apply the technology and that they see the benefit of increasing the life span of sperm cells.
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SpermVital gives higher fertility rate
During the DVG Vet Congress in Berlin a study done by Dr. Alper Koçyiğit, DVM, PhD, University of Cumhuriyet, Turkey, was presented.
The title of the study was “Performance of Spermvital Technology on Pregnancy Rate in Repeat Breeder Dairy Cows” The study showed that SpermVital semen provided a 12% higher fertility rate than conventional semen.
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2’nd patent being granted
SpermVitals second patent is now in the process of being granted in several countries. USA and Japan has recently approved the patent.
SpermVital applied for its first patent in 2008. This patent has been approved in the countries where an application was filed, all together more than 40 countries around the world. The patent is valid in all the biggest meat and milk producing countries. The second patent application was filed in 2012 and has gone through a rigid process with investigations i...
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SpermVital in Iceland
SpermVital has entered into an agreement with the Icelandic breeding company Nautastod Bændasamtaka regarding the use of SpermVital technology in Iceland.
Iceland has its own breed that the first settlers brought with them over 1000 years ago. Since then, very few cattle has been imported to Iceland. Currently, there are about 70,000 cattle in Iceland, of which 25,000 milk cows. Nautastod Bændasamtaka will use SpermVital technology in its efforts to preserve its unique genetic heritage.
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Spermvital in Belgium
SpermVital has signed an agreement in Belgium with The Walloon Breeding Association (AWE)
The Walloon Breeding Assoiation is the largest AI company in Belgium and will start selling SpermVital on their breed Belgian Blue in January 2018. They currently sell around 4 million doses worldwide.
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ISO Certified
SpermVital recently got certified according to ISO 9001:2015
This certification confirms that we maintain an international standard related to systematic quality work and quality management. The quality management system contains objectives, plans, activities and results of all the processes in SpermVital, including: • Management • Research and Development   • Production • Sales and Marketing
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New scientific article published
New scientific article published in the Reproduction in Domestic Animals Journal
In the July 9, 2017 issue of Reproduction in Domestic Animals Journal SpermVital's article "Reproduction performance of immobilized cryopreserved bovin semen used for timed artifiscial insemination" was published. Below is the abstract of the article. Alm-Kristiansen AH1,2, Dalen G3,4, Klinkenberg G5, Bekk L2, Thorkildsen LT2, Waterhouse KE2, Kommisrud E1,2. The SpermVital® technology comprises embedding of...
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Masterrind will launch SpermVital
Masterrind will offer the SpermVital technology on their semen doses from the fall of 2017.
Masterrind is the largest bovine breeding company in Germany with a total sale of 3 million doses annually. Masterrind will offer the SpermVital technology on a number of bulls of the Holstein breed and on a number of beef bulls. Masterrind has experienced that customers are asking for the SpermVital technology and will therefore, launch it in August. SpermVital will give the farmers a bigger window for...
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SpermVital in Germany
SpermVital has signed an agreement with Alpengenetik in Germany.
Alpengenetik is a combination of four genetic companies in Germany and Austria. They have about 230 000 inseminations yearly on Braunvieh in their area and export around 230 000 doses. Alpengenetik will launch SpermVital in the late fall of 2016 and during the month of November there will be a launch meeting with German and Austrian veterinarians to further educate them on the benetfits of SpermVital.
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Expanding in Austria
Oberösterreichische Besamungsstation GmbH in Hohenzell is also launching SpermVital in Austria and exporting SpermVital together with Genostar through Genetic Austria.
The SpermVital production team has already been to the laboratory in Hohenzell to produce SpermVital doses for both the domestic and international market. Currently, both Genostar and Oberösterreichische Besamungsstation have launched SpermVital and therefore, the farmers in Austria will have access to SpermVital on a variety of...
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SpermVital in Austria
Genostar will launch the SpermVital technology in Austria this fall.
The SpermVital production team will travel to Austria for production before the summer to plan for the market launch. The farmers in Austria will finally be getting the advantages of the SpermVital technology with increased flexibility and the ability of grouping inseminations together. The SpermVital technology will also help increase the pregnancy rates on repeat breeders. Genostar will sell the SpermVital technology on bot...
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New research project through Regional Research Funds in Norway
SpermVitals project «New products for improved cost-effective production of cryopreserved semen with high fertilization ability» was granted through the Regional research funds in Norway this summer.
The project is a collaboration between SpermVital, Cryogenetics, SINTEF and Geno. SpermVital and Cryogenetics offers products and services within artificial insemination for the national and international markets for cattle and fish respectively. Both companies experiences an increased demand and ...
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SpermVital from young bulls
SpermVital from young bulls is for the first time being launched in Norway and the insemination technicians and veterinarians are currently receiving their first available SpermVital doses from these young bulls.
There are 1 750 doses produced of each young bull in Norway, and currently 300 of these doses are now being produced with the SpermVital technology. The bulls are distributed through 5 different groups throughout the year, and the first group is currently being distributed. The added...
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SpermVital semen partly dissolved in the alginate under in vivo like conditions after 18 hours.
The projects is through the Regional research funds in Norway (Inland) and entitled "Immobilization of sperm cells prior to cryopreservation for gradual release over time in vivo, increased sperm longevity and improved fertility."
The fundamental idea of this project is to develop a new and improved SpermVital product, which provides further increased sperm longevity and improved fertility. Through this project, there will be research on immobilization and freezing technology, development of...
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As of March 1, Aberekin started selling SpermVital semen produced on 15 selected bulls including both dairy and beef breeds in Spain.
Aberekin believes that the Spanish dairy farmers will benefit greatly from the SpermVital technology by increasing pregnancy rates or by increasing their overall flexibility as well as giving farmers an option to inseminate early. Being able to inseminate early will reduce inseminations during times that are not optimal and also provide opportunities to group mo...
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October first, Swissgenetics successfully launched SpermVital on most breeds in Switzerland and on the breed Brown Swiss internationally. The sales are above expectations and the demand among the Swiss farmers is very high. The Swiss farmers are benefiting greatly from the SpermVital technology by increasing the pregnancy rates on repeat breeders. Furthermore, the farmers are also given more flexibility due to the option of inseminating early. They can also group more of the inseminations...
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Researcher Anne Hege Alm-Kristiansen and Minister of Agriculture Mr. Trygve Slagsvold Vedum
SpermVital hosted a meeting with the Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Mr. Trygve Slagsvold Vedum on June 24th. The minister visited our laboratory to get an insight of the company’s technology and research. The Scientific researchers Anne Hege Alm-Kristiansen and Godlove Bai demonstrated the difference between SpermVital semen and ordinary semen and showed him how we analyze semen and what determines the quality of semen. He also got an insight in how we work to develop the...
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British Dairying
In the May 2013 issue of  British Dairying there is an article on the impressive improvements in conception rates that producers are starting to see with the use of SpermVital. “Conception rates for conventional black or white herds are typically around 35% and in comparison we’re consistently recording rates of 60% or better where the technology has been used” says Wes Bluhm, the managing director of Geno UK . SpermVital is currently available in the UK on Norwegian Red Sires and is sold...
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SpermVital increases the odds of a successful fertilization. Here Norwegian Red cows in Norway. Photo: Solveig Goplen, Geno
The overall marketshare for SpermVital in Norway has increased from around 12 percent in 2012 to 15,8 percent so far in 2013.
SpermVital is available in about half of the Norwegian Elite bulls and the overall marketshare within the available bulls is around 40 percent. The use of SpermVital in Norway is recommended within these areas: Early insemination, Increase flexibility, Uncertain heat signs, In cows that return to heat
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Holstein cows. Photo: iStock
PH Konrad and SpermVital have finalized a contract regarding the right to sell Holstein SpermVital semen in Poland.
PH Konrad is the largest importer of semen in Poland and represents several of the large international A.I companies on the Polish market. They have their own sales force and also their own independent distribution net and they sell to both farmers, veterinarians and A.I. technicians in the Polish market.
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Brown Swiss cow Belinda. Photo: KeLeKi
As of October 2013, Swissgenetics will start selling SpermVital semen produced on a few selected bulls from several breeds.
The preliminary plan is to launch SpermVital on the following breeds: Holstein Brown Swiss Red Holstein Simmenthal Swissgenetics believes that Swiss dairy farmers will benefit greatly from the SpermVital technology by increasing pregnancy rates on repeated breeders. Furthermore, the farmers will be given more flexibility as well as an option to inseminate early to reduce...
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