Synchronization Trial
SpermVital conducted two separate field studies in different markets during 2014 to investigate whether the SpermVital semen had increased longevity in cows and heifers.
The studies comprised of a total of 491 animals (both beef and dairy breeds were included), randomized into two groups, and then synchronized for estrus. Thereafter, approximately half the cows and heifers were inseminated on day 3 after estrus synchronization with one dose of SpermVital semen. The other half were inseminated ...
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SpermVital conducted a field trial in Italy during the summer and fall of 2012 to test the effect of the SpermVital technology utilized on the Holstein breed.
The SpermVital semen produced as expected significantly better results than the regular semen. Increase up to 38% in conception rate The conception rate increased on average by 25%, from 33.5% with regular semen to 41.9% with SpermVital semen. The difference in conception rate increased with the number of inseminations needed. The...
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NRF semen distributor Xsires and CAH University students Freek Beernink and Walter Kock conducted a 3 month trial in Holland during the summer of 2010. Several hundred Holstein cows from 30 herds were randomly inseminated with either conventional Holstein semen or SpermVital NRF semen. Only "problem" Holstein cows served from 2nd and more inseminations were randomly offered the regular Holstein semen or the SpermVital semen. T...
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The overall marketshare for SpermVital in Norway has increased from around 12 percent in 2012 to 15,8 percent so far in 2013.
SpermVital is available in about half of the Norwegian Elite bulls and the overall marketshare within the available bulls is around 40 percent. SpermVital is mostly used in the following areas: Early insemination To increase flexibility Uncertain heat signs Cows that returns to heat
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