Vetarinarian Gunnar Dalen's experience with SpermVital

" The use of SpermVital has really taken off lately "

"Using SpermVital on both Heifers and Cows "

Dairy Farmer Bjørn Sætren improves his herd through the use of SpermVital

Dr. Orlandini, veterinarian on Fasoli farm, Italy

From left: Ernesto, Lorenzo, Nicolas and Guseppe Fasoli on the Fasoli Farm with 1200 cows.
"Never had this great result using regular semen. I am satisfied and happy. I think SpermVital works differently. This is a lot more than I expected."

In Italy SpermVital is used on problem cows (inseminated 6-7 times with regular semen). When using SpermVital on these cows a conception rate of 30% was achieved.

Dairy farmer Tom Appleby, Worchestershire, England

Tom Appleby, Brefroton House Farm, Worchestershire, England
“Getting cows back in calf quickly is important on our farm. Typically our conception rate runs at 40%. Using Spermvital we are now achieving 64%. It does what it says…producing more pregnancies."

Dairy farmer Jörn Kriesmann, Niedersachsen, Germany

Germany - Jörn Kriesmann
"We have been struggling with getting cows pregnant in the summer time and conception rate was at 20%. After using SpermVital the conception rate went up to 41%. This has been a great improvement for us."

Jörn Kriesmann farm has 1200 cows.

Statements from customers of PH Konrad, Poland

AI technician Andrzej Lipka: "Thanks to this method there is no need for reinsemination on Holstein-Fresian cows to get them pregnant. This is more profitable despite the higher price of the semen."

Mr Lipka uses Spermvital semen very successfully on different farms. Most of the time he uses Faaren Spermvital and Braut Spermvital.


AI technician Mirosław Wieczorkowski from Świerczynek: "The owner of one of the farms where I inseminate, Mr Jan Kozicki in Torzewo in Topólka commune, is very satisfied with the effects of the Spermvital semen."

Mr Kozicki's herd consists of 30 milking cows and the average milk production is 7400. Mirosław Wieczorkowski uses Eggtroen Spermvital and Braut Spermvital.