About us

SpermVital AS

SpermVital AS was founded by the Norwegian cattle breeding company Geno and the SINTEF Group. Together, these two companies have developed a revolutionary insemination technology for artificial insemination of domestic animals.


Artificial insemination (AI) of domestic animals was invented as early as the 1700s. However, only with the advent of successful cryopreservation of sperm in the 20th century did the technology transform modern domestic animal breeding. Most research efforts since then have focused on improving the survival of fresh and frozen semen until application.

A new idea

The SpermVital technology adds another dimension by extending the life of spermatozoa after insemination. To achieve this, sperm cells are immobilized in a natural substance before cryopreservation. This immobilization preserves energy and enables a controlled release of sperm cells in the uterus after insemination over an extended period of time. This makes timing of insemination less critical with regards to ovulation in the female, and increases the odds of a successful fertilization.