Italian field trial on Holstein

SpermVital conducted a field trial in Italy during the summer and fall of 2012 to test the effect of the SpermVital technology utilized on the Holstein breed.


The SpermVital semen produced as expected significantly better results than the regular semen.


Increase up to 38% in conception rate

The conception rate increased on average by 25%, from 33.5% with regular semen to 41.9% with SpermVital semen. The difference in conception rate increased with the number of inseminations needed. The difference in conception rate was 38% between SpermVital semen and regular semen on cows needing more than 3 inseminations. These incredible results show that cows that return to heat increase their conception rate greatly by utilizing the SpermVital technology.


These results also correspond well with the results that German and Dutch dairy farmers are experiencing with the use of the SpermVital technology, even though they are using SpermVital NRF semen on Holstein cows, and therefore are seeing an additional effect from the Norwegian Red.


2076 doses of semen were used in this blinded field trial, where half of the inseminations were made with Holstein SpermVital semen and half with regular Holstein semen. The Holstein cows were inseminated at normal time, which is not the optimal time for insemination to achieve full effect from the SpermVital technology since it will not capture the ones with early ovulations. Normally you will inseminate a little early when you are using the SpermVital technology to achieve all the benefits the technology has to offer.

The main objective of this field trial was to show that the SpermVital technology increase the fertility rates on the Holstein breed. By using SpermVital the dairy farmers will not only increase their overall profits, but they will also increase their flexibility.


Economic gains

The results from the Italian field trial show that dairy farmers in countries with generally low conception rates can benefit greatly financially by using the SpermVital technology on every insemination. Fertility rates are generally lower in warmer regions like the south of Europe, but also in the US.


The dairy farmers in areas that have higher conceptions rates will benefit greatly if they utilize the SpermVital technology on the cows that return to heat. They will according to the Italian field trial achieve a 38% higher conception rate on the cows that return to heat for the third time and therefore, be able to reduce the number of inseminations and increase overall profitability. Additionally, farmers will also increase their flexibility by utilizing the SpermVital technology because they are able to group insemination together and avoid inseminations on times that are not optimal.